About 電算機編集

This edit is not needed. Interwiki link of 赤提灯(あかちょうちん, Red lantern)is here. Plese make your bot skip 赤提灯.

Incidentally, I thought your userpage is fun. (Looooop!! :-) --Marine-Blue [ 会話 履歴 電信 ] 2008年3月13日 (木) 02:28 (UTC)
Since the edits warned on the above has been repeated, this bot is now blocked. --Aphaia 2008年3月13日 (木) 09:49 (UTC)
Since I seem to have a problem getting the message across I will try my luck with you. Can you please help me sort this mess because I am very confused and offended (by the tone of Aphaia). -- Cat chi? 2008年3月14日 (金) 17:01 (UTC)

What the heck?編集

What is going on? At the time of the block the bot was already off. -- Cat chi? 2008年3月13日 (木) 11:29 (UTC)

What made you blocked was a fact you did not mention the notice from Marine-Blue. If you noticed when you run the bot at second time, i.e., in 9:08 (UTC), you would not have been blocked. Kzhr 2008年3月13日 (木) 11:54 (UTC)
Can it be unblocked now? For urgent issues like this one, I am available on IRC. -- Cat chi? 2008年3月13日 (木) 12:02 (UTC)
First a user talk page is not the right place to ask for unblocking in our project. Please follow WN:BP and submit your request for the appropriate forum.
IRC is not the official communication channel of Japanese Wikinews, and most of our sysop are not on IRC so it has nothing to do with your availability on IRC to our community. Talk page and mail are designated one as our bot policy says. Your convenience has no precedence of our policy. Unless the community is for unblocking the bot account, I have no reason to lift it up. You must follow our policy if you want to run your bot here on this project. And personally I have no reason to support unlifting. You did give no reply to Marine-blue and no assurance not to repeat the inappropriate edit to our WN:RL. Such irresponsiblity cannot be welcome here.--Aphaia 2008年3月14日 (金) 04:16 (UTC)
I do not know Japanese I cannot write in Japanese I cannot even read Japanese hence I do not even know which section to edit.
Communicating to me does not have to go through official channels. I work on over 100 wikis and I hope to work on 100 more. Clearly I cannot review every talk page every minute. I check my mail several times a day. I received no e-mail in this particular case. I am generally available on IRC but on occasions I do take breaks from editing meta/commons/wikipedia/wikinews/wikispecies/wikibooks/wikiveristy/wiktionary/wikisource and go to work, sleep, or even eat. I may be operating a bot but I am not one.
Analysis of the bots edits suggest that the bot did not do anything at all inappropriate. It added missing interwiki links to pages that lacked them. Same pages had the interwiki links on sub templates of the pages. This is a bug but the bot was not out of control. I have filed a bug request (sorta) and this issue will be resolved soon. This is a problem with all interwiki bots. What happened with the bot is unique to project namespace, so long as I do not run the bot in project namespace again there will be no repeat of what happened. The bot only focuses on main (article) namespace unless explicitly told to change the namespace. I have no intention of running it again on the project namespace until the bug is fixed.
Your tone is unnecessarily unfriendly, I am here merely to help. I am not the enemy so please do not treat me like one.
-- Cat chi? 2008年3月14日 (金) 10:59 (UTC)